Thursday, December 10, 2015


Digital Citizenship

Being on social media is a big responsibility, and having digital citizenship is a very important part of it. Sharing digital citizenship points with your class will go a long ways! Having good netiquette is important for all people, because whatever you put on the internet can always be found or brought back up even if deleted. CyberBullying has become a big topic in todays world, and is all around us. CyberBullying is definitely something that should be brought up in your classroom, to make your students aware of the issue, and also to let them know that it is not tolerated. Be careful what you put online, but also have fun with what you put online. Be smart :)

Friday, December 4, 2015


Screenshot my Webquest

Webquest is a very handy technology source that I would recommend for people to use. Webquest is a place where you can make your own website for whatever topic that you would like. My personal experience with this was with a group, and we made a website on Alaska. We made our webquest a learning site for our students to use in the classroom! You can make it easily accessible for people of any age. 

Webquest is a good and reliable resource to use in the classroom because it will only have what YOU put on it. You are free to put text, links to other websites, videos, pictures, really whatever you would like on it for your students to use. It is very easy for the students to use, and a more fun and engaging way for the students to learn about something! 

The link to my personal webquest is:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015



Twitter is a popular social networking site right now. Looking from a teacher's point of view, we could use twitter for many different things. In our own classroom, we could use twitter for updating parents on what we are currently learning about, we could upload pictures of the students working in the classroom, we could let the parents/people know what is going on in other parts of the nation education wise and let them know hot topics regarding education.

Twitter is also a great way to keep in touch with others, and see what other people are doing.

I encourage everyone to have their own personal twitter account, mine is:



It is official, I have fallen in love with Pinterest. It is a great way to get fresh, new, exciting ideas about things that you can do in your classroom. Pinterest has ideas for anything in your classroom from arts and crafts, games you can play, how to decorate your classroom, and also technology based ideas. I personally have a whole board on Pinterest of different technology based ideas, and I hope to be able to use them in my own classroom someday! 

I strongly encourage everyone to make their own Pinterest account and to find some cool things that you are interested in! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

First Blog Post

Welcome to my first blog ever! I am excited to share things about myself and my teaching techniques with you! A little bit about myself is I am from small town Iowa, I am a student at the University of Northern Iowa, and an Elementary Education major! A huge role model in m life is my brother, and he is also an Elementary School teacher and he inspired me to be a teacher myself. Can't wait to share some ideas with you all!